40.5" x 18.75" x 17.25"


40.5 x 23.25" x 17.25"

X marks the spot on the chair backs of our Single X dining collection. The X back dining chairs feature tapered legs and an upholstered seat in the fabric of your choice. We show the chair paired with a round table top and our beautifully detailed Phoenix pedestal that will make dinner conversation easy and comfortable.

This chair comes standard with a wood seat, item SGL2202 and SGL2204, but is shown here with optional fabric seat.


Most chairs styles can be custom built as Stationary 24″ or 30″ Bar Stools, and Swivel 24″ or 30″ Bar Stools.

Construction Options

Stationary Arm Bar Stool SGL2202BC24 Seat Height: 24”
Stationary Arm Bar Stool SGL2202BC30 Seat Height: 30”
Swivel Arm Bar Stool SGL2202SW24 Seat Height: 24”
Swivel Arm Bar Stool SGL2202SW30 Seat Height: 30”
Stationary Bar Stool SGL2204BC24 Seat Height: 24”
Stationary Bar Stool SGL2204BC30 Seat Height: 30”
Swivel Bar Stool SGL2204SW24 Seat Height: 24”
Swivel Bar Stool SGL2204SW30 Seat Height: 30”


Quartersawn Oak
Rustic Oak
Rustic Cherry
Wormy Maple
Michaels on Elm
Rich Tobacco


16P - Decorator White
1P - White
18P - Frost
17P - Georgian
6P - Creamy Butter
21P - Sunburst
2P - Cream
20P - Kohler Almond
28P - Ticondaroca Taupe
4P - Barn Red
24P - Chelsea Grey
27P - Mint
25P - Spruce
14P - Olive Green
26P - blue sage
22P - slate blue
13P sky blue
29P - Ash
3P - Black

Savannah Glazes

savannah glaze on white
savannah glaze on sunburst
savannah glaze on mint
savannah glaze on olive green
savannah glaze on sky blue
34 Scribble Whiskey
104 Berlin Sandstone
112 Linen Natural
136 Old Salt Flannel
137 Midnight Onyx
144 Outback Cobblestone
153 trunnel domino
154 lutchet mineral
158 splice domino
159 poseidon
161 ivory Performance Fabric
162 horizon Performance Fabric
163 pepper Performance Fabric
164 Seafoam Performance Fabric
165 sky Performance Fabric
167 musk Performance Fabric
170 cadet Performance Fabric
171 ash grey Performance Fabric
172 Ecru Performance Fabric
173 lapis Performance Fabric
175 KHAKI Performance Fabric
179 festive Performance Fabric
181 lyman
184 rumford
185 hookset
187 cushing
188 layton
191 mathematics
195 Chaps Brown
196 Dusk Performance Fabric
197 Smoke Performance Fabric
199 Marine Blue Performance Fabric
200 Pony Gray Performance Fabric
201 Wiggens Performance Fabric
203 Pepperdine
204 Okaloosa
208 alabaster
2003 austin jute performance fabric
2005 coral
2006 chit chat domino
2007 chit chat hemp
2008 corson
2009 dornel
2010 fermo
2011 glenplaid berber
2012 glenplaid indigo
2013 Grandstand
2014 jockey
2015 loop ice
2016 loop indigo
2017 loop lapis
2018 owen navy performance fabric
2019 redefine spice
2021 Theo Mango
2100 Fog
2101 Salt
2102 Stone
2103 Jute
2104 Berber
2105 Penthouse
2106 Skyline
2107 Walsh
2108 Axel
2109 Feather
2110 Starry
Leather 312 Vintage Black
Leather 314 Vintage Green
Leather 317 Vintage Grey
Leather 318 Premium White
Leather 321 Slate
Leather 322 dove grey
Leather 323 French Vanilla
Leather 324 mushroom
Leather 325 texas
Leather 326 tumbleweed
Leather 327 whiskey
Leather 328 winter lake
Leather 329 Spell
Leather 330 Plush
Leather 331 Fawn
Leather 332 Shelby


Your furniture can be completely customized, right down to a different stain on the seat of the chair or a special paint color for your cabinet doors.

Two colors of stain can be chosen or a paint and stain combination can be selected to give you the color that matches your decor, while keeping the warmth of that beautiful wood glow. You imagine it and we create it.

Two Tone


Our expert craftsmen can add shading on the outside edges of each piece using a darker tone to give your furniture a beautiful, burnished look.


Paint Rub

After your piece is painted, the edges are sanded to let the natural beauty of the wood peek through. This option offers a well-worn look for a more casual atmosphere.

Paint Rub


All our distressing is done by hand at our state-of-the-art facility. We carefully add dents, scratches, and other distress marks, depending on the level chosen. Our furniture is distressed without compromising the quality or strength of each piece. We offer these three levels of distressing to match your individual expectations, and we take great pride in the ability to make any piece look brand new or 50 years old

Distressing Types
Distressing Types - Light

Light Distressing has only dents for a casual refined feeling.

Distressing Types - Vintage

Vintage Distressing has dents, worm holes, scratches, and worn edges for that comfortable, lived in look.

Distressing Types - Heritage

Heritage Distressing has dents, worm holes, scratches, worn edges, and hand olane marks so it looks like vour brand new furniture is an heirloom piece that's been passed down for generations.