Maintenance & Warranty


Caring for your Product

Care after the application

When you receive our finished product, it is approximately 80% cured. Like cement, it is a hard, protective and ready to use right away, but complete hardening of the surface will not happen for 3 – 4 more weeks.

After 4 weeks of curing, the object should still be treated with care. Remember, just like the most durable automobile finish that gets keyed or scratched, our finish is not impenetrable. However, it is the best, most durable finish available, and it protects your furniture from everyday spills and stains. Treat it like a fine piece of furniture and use the correct products on it for care, and your furniture will look new for years to come.


Comparisons to lacquer – on a 1-10 scale

Lacquer Conversion Varnish
Water / Acetone 1 10
Mustard / Olive Oil 2 10
Alcohol 1 (for 1 Hr) 10

Quick Tips

  • Lift items rather than dragging them along the surface, and always have a protective felt pad on the bottom of furniture and accessories.
  • Dust and clean regularly with a slightly damp rag. Never use a product containing wax or silicone.
  • Blot spills immediately.
  • Avoid storing your products near extreme heat sources or extremely humid areas. Your home should be kept at 35-45% humidity.
  • Wood & finishes darken with time, especially with a natural or light finish. Leaving a placemat or other item on a table for a month or longer will leave a discolored outline, so rotate accessories regularly.
  • Avoid placing extremely hot items directly on the surface.


Palettes by Winesburg Assurance

5 year Warranty

Our warranty is simple:

This warranty is for the original purchaser, and we guarantee that our chairs, tables and cases are free of any defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years after the delivery to the purchaser under normal household use.

You cannot use care products that contain waxes or silicone and create a false “shine” on the surface. Our Conversion Varnish shields your furniture better than any other finish available because it is not a coating but actually becomes a part of the wood’s molecular surface, bending with impact, and moving with the natural expansion and contractions that the seasons cause all wood products to go through. This finish uses the best technology available, and it is different than 95% of all the furniture in today’s furniture stores.


Register Your Warranty  

Please understand that there are certain situations that are not considered defects:

Scratches and dents will damage our finish just like the most durable automobile finish that gets scratched. It is not impenetrable; however, it is the best, most durable finish available, and it protects your furniture from everyday spills and stains. What kinds of damages are not covered? Avoidable wear, such as tossing a set of keys on the surface, sliding a metal vase across the top with no felt pad protection, leaving a sopping wet rag on the surface overnight or putting a hot dish directly on the table: these kinds of situations are not considered “normal use.” The top layer is a protection that breathes and needs proper care just like our skin. It is not an impenetrable shield.

At Palettes by Winesburg we want you to be happy with your purchase, and if cared for properly, this furniture can last for generations. But we know that everyone has accidents, and we want to give you that extra assurance that the furniture will maintain its original beauty for years to come.

If you damage your table surface and it falls out of the “normal use” category, just e-mail us an image of your table, bring the table to an authorized dealer, and we will pick it up on our truck. For a small charge billed directly to the consumer, we will bring your table top back to its original luster in its original stain or color. We cannot change colors or stains. Please keep your original sales receipt, and enjoy this beautiful furniture for many years! If you have any additional questions, Contact Us. Thank you for the opportunity to bring our work into your home.

From everyone at Palettes by Winesburg, thanks!