Sydney Storage Tables

Palettes Dining Collection

Sydney Storage table, base item P1SS (shown above as bar height, item P1SS-P16)

This storage base is the perfect place to keep those extra tablecloths or seasonal centerpieces. The pictured set was crafted in our bar height option, item P1SS-P16 but is also available as a standard height or our pub height option which is 6″ higher than a standard base. This versatile base is only available with the tops listed below.

4242A0P1SS – 42″ x 42″ solid top with Sydney storage base

5454A0P1SS – 54″ x 54″ solid top with Sydney storage base

5442A12P1SS – 54″ x 42″ top with one 12″ leaf and Sydney storage base

6060A0P1SS – 60″ x 60″ solid top with Sydney storage base

6048A12P1SS – 60″ x 48″ top with one 12″ leaf and Sydney storage base

6666A0P1SS – 66″ x 66″ solid top with Sydney storage base

6654A12P1SS – 66″ x 54″ top with one 12″ leaf and Sydney storage base


L1 Norfolk
L2 Reeded
L3 Rietta
L4 Royal Concord
L5 Shaker
L6 Kitchen
L7 Harrison
L8 Mission
L9 Victor
L16 Adele
L17 Farmhouse
L18 Gatlin
L20 Kingsville
L21 Newport
L25 Winston
P1F Aurora
P1R Barley
P1A Cadiz
P1O Chatham
P1B Country
P1T Eleanor
P1Q Evanston
P1I Kansas
P1K Madisyn
P1D Norfolk
P1H Olympus
P1J Phoenix
P1W Portland
P1Y Provence
P1Z Rialto
P1N Sophia
P1V Syracuse
P2F aurora
P2R Barley
P2A Cadiz
P2E cambridge
MP2U Caspian
P2O Chatham
P2B Country
P2T Eleanor
P2Q Evanston
P2I Kansas
MP2P Lincoln
P2K Madisyn
P2D Norfolk
P2H Olympus
P2J Phoenix
P2W Portland
P2Y Provence
P2Z Rialto
P2V Syracuse
Waterfall - EA Waterfall - EA
Large Traditional - EB Large Traditional - EB
Bevel - EC Bevel - EC
Chamfer ED Chamfer - ED
Standard - EE Standard - EE
Shaker - EF Shaker - EF
Ogee - EG Ogee - EG
Rounded - EH Rounded - EH
Small Traditional - EI Small Traditional - EI
Curved - EK Curved - EK


Quartersawn Oak
Rustic Oak
Rustic Cherry
Wormy Maple
Michaels on Elm
Rich Tobacco
Rich Cherry


16P - Decorator White
1P - White
18P - Frost
17P - Georgian
6P - Creamy Butter
21P - Sunburst
2P - Cream
20P - Koller Almond
28P - Ticondaroca Taupe
4P - Barn Red
24P - Chelsea Grey
27P - Mint
25P - Spruce
14P - Olive Green
26P - blue sage
22P - slate blue
13P sky blue
23P - Dusk
29P - Ash
3P - Black

Savannah Glazes

savannah glaze on white
savannah glaze on sunburst
savannah glaze on mint
savannah glaze on olive green
savannah glaze on sky blue
34 Scribble Whiskey
87 Tried and True Graphite
88 Tried and True Flax
95 Tried and True Turquoise
96 Tried and True Moss
103 Berlin Pumice
104 Berlin Sandstone
108 Zander Indigo
110 Colson Desert
112 Linen Natural
113 Linen Cigar
114 Linen Gull Grey
128 Linen Oatmeal
129 Bandalier Pebble
136 Old Salt Flannel
137 Midnight Onyx
142 Outback Quartz
143 Outback Fawn
144 Outback Cobblestone
146 Madison Pecan
147 Madison Brick
148 Madison Black
150 nut island fog
151 plimsoll caramel
152 felucca licorice
153 trunnel domino
154 lutchet mineral
155 seiche indigo
158 splice domino
159 poseidon
160 lorillard
161 ivory Performance Fabric
162 horizon Performance Fabric
163 pepper Performance Fabric
164 seafoam Performance Fabric
165 sky Performance Fabric
166 midnight Performance Fabric
167 musk Performance Fabric
168 brick Performance Fabric
169 Montana Arctic
170 cadet Performance Fabric
171 ash grey Performance Fabric
172 ecru Performance Fabric
173 lapis Performance Fabric
174 PEACOCK Performance Fabric
175 KHAKI Performance Fabric
176 preston Performance Fabric
177 denim Performance Fabric
178 indigo Performance Fabric
179 festive Performance Fabric
180 talmadge
181 lyman
182 wiscasset
183 remsen
184 rumford
185 hookset
186 conjure
187 cushing
188 layton
189 kelby
190 unity
191 mathematics
192 surfside
193 exmore
195 Chaps Brown
196 Dusk Performance Fabric
197 Smoke Performance Fabric
198 Maizie Performance Fabric
199 Marine Blue Performance Fabric
200 Pony Gray Performance Fabric
201 Wiggens Performance Fabric
202 Philander
203 Pepperdine
204 Okaloosa
205 Dioscuri
206 Morrill
207 Preppy
208 alabaster
209 tusk
Leather Bomber Brown
Leather Chocolate
Leather dove grey
Leather French Vanilla
Leather mushroom
Leather Navy
Leather Pecan
Leather Phantom
Leather Premium White
Leather Slate
Leather Standard Black
Leather texas
Leather tumbleweed
Leather Venetian Regal
Leather Vintage Black
Leather Vintage Green
Leather Vintage Merlot
Leather Vintage Grey
Leather whiskey
Leather winter lake